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James Middleweek

Because they can

Commonwealth Bank has raised its mortgage rate 0.45%, after a 0.25% RBA rise.

I only hope that CBA mortgage customers backed Americain in the Melbourne Cup, because they now face an extra $80 payments a month on a typical $300,000 mortgage.

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2 thoughts on “Because they can
  • Jake says:

    It’s amazing how certain the banks cry about the ‘costs’ of the increased funding, then the banks all report that they have made billions and billions in profit this (and last) week.

    Typically, when banks find the RBA has increased rates, they rush to increase theirs to the same amount (if not more), but when the RBA reduced rates, there were substantial delays and differences between implementing lower rates, and what those ‘lower rates’ were versus the RBA’s rates.

    It’s a complete rort. If the RBA puts up the interest rates to an amount, the banks should only be entitled to match it.

    Or, how about this for a novel approach, if the RBA puts up the percentage rates 25 basis points, how about a bank who only puts up their rates 10 or 15%?

    You might lose a bit in the process, but just think about a) the competition that they will establish; and b) the sheer number of clients that would flock to them (which would make up the difference anyway).

    But, at the moment, this is more like a ‘stick together club’ where the banks are indirectly colluding with each other, and there needs to be some real competition in the market.